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Which Stone Will You Step On Next?

Your career is a unique and personal journey. Seeing this journey as a series of stepping stones may help you discover your own path. Reflect on what you ultimately want to achieve, and map out how you will attain it. The idea is to make sure that every job you commit to serves its purpose towards reaching your goal.

Yes, it’s okay to know that your job is temporary stepping stones are provisional. However, there’s a difference between a temporary and a dead-end job. A true stepping stone will lead you closer and closer to your end goal. Your mentality should be “I have things to learn and experience to gain here,” rather than “I hate this job and can’t wait to get out of here.” If you don’t feel that there’s any growth left in a role, that means it’s time to move on. After all, no one can tell you to stop progressing!

On the other hand, staying motivated while doing the groundwork can definitely be a challenge. You must remind yourself of the bigger picture. Remember that no one just randomly wakes up to a successful career. Great careers are established through years of seized opportunities and continuous hard work. Don’t spend your time and energy dwelling on how much further you have to go. Instead, focus on building relationships, learning your craft, and acquiring experience one day at a time.

Like all things in life, careers have their ups and downs, but every time you find yourself stagnant, it’s your chance to re-focus and make a move that will contribute to your development. The good news is that you’re in control, and there’s always a stone waiting to be stepped on…

So, have you thought about what you’re gaining from your job? If not, now is the time. Whatever the course of your career looks like, don’t forget that the beauty is in the ride!

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